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Fathom is a Los Angeles-based techno and house producer. Being born and raised in Houston his influences span from southern rap, DnB and all things house. He’s pioneering an unconstrained, unidentifiable sound. His goal is to create an atmosphere, a mood. One that takes you far away, to that special place. And by pushing the right buttons, he knows how to bring you on a journey.


Fathom began his musical journey bumping that purple sizzurp inspired hip hop. You know, that chop and screwed or slowed and throwed stuff largely pioneered by DJ Screw. Of course, it wasn’t long until he discovered his passion for electronic music -- at the ripe age of 10 years, Fathom was well ahead of his peers.

This was further intensified only a few years later on a trip to Germany, where he went to his first underground, electronic dance music nightclub, beginning a lifelong rave career. Before leaving Germany, he bought countless CDs and mixtapes of techno and house artists, which he listened to religiously.

Eager to find dance music living in Houston in his early 20s, he started frequenting Houston clubs where he’d vibe to Chicago house and drum & bass into the early hours of the morning. Driven by his desire to take listeners far away, to that special place so many artists had already taken him to, he finally took a stab at producing himself. He started with drum & bass. Inspired by the off-beat, off-kilter works of jungle and DnB artists such as Blu Mar Ten. At 180 bpm, those fast breaks and heavy basslines made sense to his restless, scattered young mind. Of course, he wasn't limited to DnB, also drawing influence from the electro and house sounds from legends such as Booka Shade and Sasha & Digweed.

However, life caught up to him, taking him away from music production for a long, lost decade. But after ten years, he could no longer fight the haunting urge to get back into music production. Inspired by contemporary producers such as Lane 8, he’s found a new sound: nostalgia-invoking, hip-hop influenced house with ethereal melodies, jungle percussions, and deep and groovy bassline. That’s right. He’s back and this time there is no stopping him. Get ready, Los Angeles. Can you Fathom what’s coming?






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