Welcome to contrast

Hello! Glad to have you here. Things are a bit blank on this site right now, but we've got huge plans. For now, here's a snippet about us and what we're planning to do. Don't hesitate to reach out at hello@contrast.fm if you'd like more information.

contrast is a label, an event organizer, and most importantly collective of friends, working together to empower up-and-coming, local talent and serve as an interface into LA’s avant-garde, underground. Comprised of like-minded, lovers of the arts and technology, who have identified the problems and potential of Los Angeles’s burgeoning, underground dance music culture, our aim is to act as a launchpad for promising, LA-based producers, DJs, musicians, and artists while educating and initiating people into what we believe underground, dance music culture is all about: radical inclusion, freedom of thought and expression, compassion & connection, expansion of consciousness, equality, passion for the arts, and most importantly having fun.

Ben InadaComment