Supernova is Hydroxyde and Sandro Fosco's second collaborative release on contrast recordings. The A/B side record is led by Supernova, a strapping techno composition with a relentless bassline, entrancing synth patterns, and dark foley. Glimpse in the Past, on the B side, is a melodic techno production with an abundance of groove and mystery. Hydroxyde and Sandro Fosco are French and French Polynesian producers with a growing presence across the globe. Stay tuned for individual releases from these gentlemen in the next few months.



Impulse, a track blended with elements from techno and industrial, is Dyadic’s debut release on contrast recordings. The single features driving drum patterns, massive kicks, echoing bass stabs, mechanical FX, and dark drops that resonate with the more evil parts of the mind. The pads and arpeggiated lead add dramatic effect to this sinister release.



Eclipse is Hydroxyde and Sandro Fosco's debut release on contrast recordings. The hard-hitting, yet melodically sophisticated record begins with a gradual introduction that guides the listener into an entrancing atmosphere led by a heavily sidechained synthesizer. Various breaks throughout the track lead to immense drops of sound enveloped by complex polyrhythms. The record pays homage to classic 909 sounds with a modern twist. In this collaboration, Hydroxyde and Sandro Fosco demonstrate a competency in combining hard hitting basslines with rich melodies - a signature that resonates in their own individual releases as well.

Sok O


Sok O is Antin Hale’s debut release on contrast. After some success with his first EP, “It’s Strange”, he has begun evolving his musical taste and expanding it to include more techno-based grooves and rhythms. “Sok O” is the first step in this process as it slowly builds in complexity along a driving bassline. Haunting synths and an atmosphere that swirls around the listener bring emotional content to this dance track.



Cardiogram was inspired by the heavy, driving rhythms Kokoro discovered in warehouse raves taking place in the decrepit district of Skid Row, Los Angeles. The track is led by a deep, prominent bass rumble and resonant growls. Fiery synthlines and thoughtful polyrhythms make this track fit right into the LA underground warehouse setting that Kokoro targets. 



Fathom is a producer constantly exploring, mixing and transcending the ever-evolving styles of electronic music. From Drum N' Bass to Ambient, House to Jungle, he really knows no boundaries. He makes his debut release on contrast, with "Format", a hip-hop influenced house track that features ethereal melodies, layered on top of jungle percussions, all held together with a deep and groovy bassline. On the B-Side you'll find "Autumn Leaves”, whose jazzy horns, groovy basslines, acoustic guitar, and vocal samples, mesh together beautifully for a groovy, nostalgia-invoking, hip-hop-influenced house track.



Hemoglobin is Kokoro's first release ever. Consistent with his visions as a musician, he aims to provoke an existential curiosity into his listeners. To express this, he created an ambient environment with a driving bassline that evolves throughout the track. All of this builds towards a satisfying drop marked by the heavy percussive elements all simultaneously coming together — a departure from the more slowly developing drops more common in his music. This dramatic build up and emotional climax, relentlessly conjures a sense of wonder into listeners, who will be left pondering their place in the cosmos.